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TDi Group is a wholesale company providing niche products to the retail market.

Ferity is a well known brand in the United States of America which TDi Group is pleased to have now brought to the UK and acts as the UK/EU Distributor. Ferity's nail polish is unique and very well priced. It brings fun, sparkle and at the same time a touch of magic to world of nail polish! You will see there are over 150 different designs/colours which gives the customer complete choice when it comes to nail varnish.

TDi Group also owns a number of online companies which has been the focus of the business growth for the past few years. TDi Group's stratedgy is on the acquistion of these types of companies and looking at different diverse businesses and this is really what makes TDi stand out from the every day business.

With TDi Group as your supplier you are sure to succeed, as we believe in customer service and reliabiltiy of products as being fundemental to any business relationship. We never compromise on quality and service, and it is this that has made TDi Group successful and where it is today.

TDi Group - Management Team

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